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HD Meetings -- Add ability to delegate HD Meetings to someone else (out on vacation, etc.) so they can start a meeting for me.

Cameron 2 years ago in Feature Requests / HD Meetings • updated by George T 11 months ago 3

Add a setting for the HD VIdeo meetings where I can designate someone else to start a meeting on my behalf. Such as a case where I am out for a week on vacation and I want another person who is attending the meeting to run the meeting on my behalf, without having to reschedule the whole meeting for all participants


HD Meetings / Zoom improvements

izalika 3 years ago in Feature Requests / HD Meetings • updated by Julianna Kobs 2 years ago 1

1. No way to manage or change existing meetings/invites

2. No way to bypass the host - we often have people schedule meetings who then can't make it, though others on the team can - would be great to have a host code that could be shared if the host can't login

3. Zoom login - this login sign pops up constantly during calls - could there be tighter integration/single signon?


Skype for business integration

Allow for SKype for business integration


When scheduling a zoom meeting, offer option to create a related Redbooth task

Heather 2 years ago in Feature Requests / HD Meetings 0

We use Zoom meetings a lot for our recurring client meetings. I also create tasks for my team to attend these meetings so I can easily calculate their planned billable work for each client each week. It would be great if Redbooth offered the option to create a task to align with a scheduled meeting and then I could add all of the meeting attendees to the Redbooth task. It should default to having the meeting date already entered and a hashtag in the taskname to match the amount of time the meeting is scheduled for (since Redbooth doesn't allow for task estimates to be entered beyond using a hashtag.)


Is there a way to create a meeting that can start without the creator being on?

vsteere 2 years ago in Feature Requests / HD Meetings • updated by Irwin Kwan 2 years ago 1