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Drag and Drop in calendar view

Vintage Worx 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Calendar • updated by Reid 2 months ago 5

It would save heaps of time to be able to drag and drop in the calendar view instead of having to change the date manually in the pop up box


Calendar task reminder

Ben BMC 3 years ago in Feature Requests / Calendar • updated by Dalin Hays 3 years ago 1

The calendar date picker should have a reminder option for each task if not actioned by the date.

The reason is, once a task is closed from the dashboard and sent away, it is relied on the assigned person to attend to. If that person fails to action the task and it is closed, I find it very hard to keep track and the jobs get lost and unhappy clients.

Maybe we can have a 'notifications' with alerts or something to this degree like CRM's have?


Show subtasks on the Calendar report

Heather 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Calendar • updated by mariona.castells 5 months ago 1

Right now when you run a Calendar report it only lists tasks where the person is an overall task assignee. It should also list any subtasks assigned to a person even if they are not the task owner.


Ability to set Quarterly repeat tasks

ceg 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Calendar • updated by Ryan Crosbie 3 months ago 3

Please add Quarterly as option in repeat dates.


Calendars (Google, others..) to also show assigned subtasks

Louie 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Calendar 0

Integrating google calendar with RB allows us to see our tasks but currently it doesn't allow us to see the subtasks assigned to us. I know assigning Subtasks is a new feature so I'm hoping that this is already on the works, and if it's not, I'm hoping that this can be integrated.


Export, print, PDF ability for the calendar view

Stephanie Roache 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Calendar • updated by kleinv 2 years ago 1

Ability to export, print or create a PDF of the calendar.


Choice of add an event or add a task in the calendar view

Vintage Worx 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Calendar • updated by sonja 2 years ago 1

Not everything that needs adding to the calendar is a task. It would be really useful to have the choice (through a drop down menu) of adding an event or adding a task


Calendar: multiple days tasks

alexander 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Calendar • updated by ahendricks 1 year ago 1

If task is multiple days long, show it in calendar from start to end (due) date. Multiple cells.


Ability to view scheduled tasks on the calendar report

Bryan 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Calendar 0

Currently, the calendar report shows tasks on the calendar the day they are scheduled without regard to the start date or completion date. If would be better if they were displayed on the calendar with a span beginning with the start date and ending with the due date. In additional, an iCal export feature for Outlook, Google, Apple would be ideal.


Calendar View for Workspace + color coding

Reid 2 months ago in Feature Requests / Calendar • updated 4 weeks ago 2

For using Redbooth for a content/editorial calendar, it would be extremely beneficial to have a calendar view option alongside the Kanban, Organization, and Gantt views. Simply click over and see all tasks as a calendar. Mark, drag-and-drop (which is another highly-voted request), and edit all within this calendar view.

Yes, we can see a calendar for a project, but it takes a number of steps to get that view (Reports > Calendar > Change Workspace > Change to "All Users", but it should be much quicker and much easier to see.

Additionally, each task within the calendar view can be color-coded by tag. 

My org still uses Google Calendar (!) for the editorial process because of the ability to visualize and move quickly in a calendar view. Not having that ability is what is keeping us from adopting Redbooth for content purposes.