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Files repository

Martin Damm 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Attachments • updated 1 year ago 1

Since your sharepoint/dropbox/Onedrive plugin only works for finding files and not actually linking them, a suggestion is to make a "checkin/checkout" function under files. This way Redbooth could be the file container of choise for the project members, and if they wnat to sync with a local computer, they can use their sync folder on the compauter. But the point is to make sure that users dont "overwrite" eachothers updates on files.


View Full Screen

phelpsmn 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Attachments 0

I am not sure if its me or something that could be considered.

Currently, when opening an attachment that has been uploaded it shows half the screen in the Redbooth viewer.



Private Cloud: Disable the Ability to Upload Files

Kaleb 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Attachments 0

We have the private cloud edition of redbooth. Our company would like to restrict the ability to upload files.

We already have a file server and would rather users just link to documents on the file server. It would also be helpful if links were made clickable instead of being just plain text


File Upload

Angela 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Attachments 0

We are just beginning to use Redbooth, but I see something I think could help our office for sure and probably others as well. I know how to upload a file, but without clicking the file tab, how does someone else on my team know it's there when glancing at the task? I feel like there needs to be some indication that there is a file awaiting whether it be a number beside the file or the file turns a different color or even if the file could be viewed within the task as well as one of the signs that there is in fact a file there.

Thanks in advance!


Manage (add/remove) images in older comments

cb 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Attachments 0

- Add images to an older comment: In a project after a while, you sometimes need to add a picture to a comment - even if there is already a picture attached. Please add an option to manage images attached to older comments.


More straightforward, logical, and adaptable privacy settings


I'm hoping that files with limited viewing (e.g. organization vs externals) can have an icon in the file list. (I'm assuming that all files in the file list are viewable by everyone in the workspace, including externals.)

There's also something buggy going on with the files/file list:

  • Files attached to private conversations are still showing up in the file list.
  • Files attached to private tasks are sometimes showing up in the file list.
  • Files that are attached to private tasks, then deleted from the file list, still appears attached in the private task (which is fine, but it's confusing).

Privacy settings should be much, much more straightforward and adaptable!




File attachments under private conversations or private tasks should not show up in workspace storage

Seisei Tatebe-Goddu 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Attachments • updated by anonymous 2 years ago 1

Or at the least should be accessible only to those people who were on the conversation or task thread


Document Editing

jamila42 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Attachments 0

Desperately need the ability for multiple users to share and work on a document in redbooth! This would make redbooth the ultimate tool for planning and management without have too many tools but a one stop shop.