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Show task list dates on Dashboard

Now only tasks dates are visibles on Dashboard. But there can be tasks list with start and end date. Please, show task list dates on Dashboard. It can be very useful for the external users, they don't have Calendar on Redbooth!


Updating Tasks on New dashboard

BenBriggs 12 months ago in Feature Requests / Dashboard • updated 12 months ago 2

Among the many issues with the new dashboard, if i access a task, mark a subtask that was due today as complete, the entire task disappears from my screen as if i'm done working on it. Why was this put in place, please make sure to remove it with the next version, and Redbooth - please do not give a generic response stating that you'll make more changes. I want to understand why this was put in place because maybe i'm not using Redbooth as its designed to be used

Irwin Kwan 12 months ago

Hi Ben,

We're sorry you are still having a frustrating experience with our redesigned Dashboard, and I promise that we've heard you and our other customers' feedback and are working hard to improve it!

Regarding your specific situation, there is no right or wrong way to use Redbooth - We've designed it to be flexible to meet many different needs and workflows. We believe that when a piece of work (task or subtask) is completed, that it should no longer show up in your MyTasks list. Correspondingly, we remove the view of that task/subtask from the right preview pane in your Dashboard as well, and want to help move on to the next piece of work on your list.

However, I understand that in this case that after completing a subtask assigned to you, you want to continue working or commenting on the main task that is not assigned to you. In this case, I would recommend using the navigation breadcrumbs we include with each of your tasks/subtasks before marking your subtask complete. In this screenshot, clicking on "Marketing Plan" will take me directly to the main task, where I can focus, comment, and provide updates on the main task and also mark my subtask as complete when I am finished.

Correspondingly, when you mark that subtask as complete from the main task, it will no longer show in your MyTasks list when you return.

If you prefer to have the main task in your MyTasks list, you can also assign the main task to yourself to keep visibility of the main task in your MyTask list.

Thank you again for the feedback! We genuinely appreciate it, and we are continuously trying to make Redbooth the best it can be!


Show also own activities in sidebar

oli 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Dashboard 0

Would be nice to also see own activities in the activities-bar not just other users


Use relative dates for overdue tasks (eg. due yesterday)

andrew 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Dashboard 0

Overdue tasks usually show the date that they were previously due. That means I need to be very aware of what the current date is and how long ago that was... sounds simple, but a simple "due yesterday", "due 2 days ago", "due 1 week ago" in the dashboard would help me understand the severity of how overdue something is much quicker than a real date.


Allow user to change order of dashboard tasks

mikewienick 5 months ago in Feature Requests / Dashboard 0

I wish you could drag and drop the order of tasks on the dashboard for each day. It would help me prioritize my day.


Third tab on Dashboard to see 'Tasks I'm Following'

Dylan 10 months ago in Feature Requests / Dashboard 0

It's great that you can follow a task without being assigned to it but unless you go into that workspace to view the task, or there's an update on the task, you might not remember to be able to keep clicking to find them all.  It would be very helpful to have a tab that has all tasks you're following, or even better all tasks you're following but not assigned to.


Workload of my team

afalconi 12 months ago in Feature Requests / Dashboard 0

I ask you about, How can I do to know the workload of my team? Can I view in hours or percentages


Don't separate "Overdue" & "Due Today" tasks please!

Wesley Fairman 12 months ago in Feature Requests / Dashboard 0

Having a hard time prioritizing my work because the Due Today and Overdue tasks are separate. Can you put them back the way they were, in one list, please?



arturo 12 months ago in Feature Requests / Dashboard 0

We would like to have a notification shown not just in our emails also in Redbooth dashboard that you are been @mention in a task.


Filter/Customize Dashboard Items

Kristy EB 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Dashboard 0

We LOVE that we can now assign subtasks to dates and people. Great change! But, it's been a headache for our dashboards. We've even had to change our process a bit to make it work (some of our people heavily rely on their dashboards), and it's still now working. Can you please create a way to custom filter dashboard to do items? Even to show only tasks or only subtasks instead of both, and give the user the power to choose would be fantastic. We need your help!