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Email to external non-users from within Redbooth

GreenDino-Tim 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Conversations • updated by JDBPocketware 4 months ago 4

In an effort to "Kill E-mail" through Redbooth, I'd like to be able to email external non-users from within a task. More specifically, we manage hundreds of tasks that hinge on external users, none of whom use or need to use Redbooth the way we do. I need to track the emails sent to these users in order for me to close out the task. Currently, I send an email, copy the email, then paste the email to the comment box within Redbooth. This way, over the life of a project, I can see the entire task related thread of conversation (some of our tasks last a more than a year). Wouldn't it be great if Redbooth could link to your gmail to allow you to send a new email from within a task to an external user?

Gathering feedback

Please add Slack-like functionality to Conversations (reply in line to a comment, ability to like a comment, etc.!)

Rachel F 7 months ago in Feature Requests / Conversations • updated by ChrisK 2 months ago 5

It would be great to have Slack-like functionality in the Workspace Conversations area, where our team could reply to specific comment threads, or indicate an emoji response, etc. Any chance you're working on this?


workspace conversations on the iOS app

it would be really helpful to see our workspace conversations in the app.


New comment tag on tasks when a new comment is added

Would be useful to see updates at a glance


Archive Conversations

Trevor 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Conversations 0

I want to be able to archive conversations. I want to keep them around for documentation purposes so I can refer back to them in the future if needed, however, I don't want to them to appear in the main list. This would be especially helpful when you have a lot of conversations.


Moving Conversations Between Workspaces

Joe Duffey 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Conversations • updated by Irwin Kwan 2 years ago 1

Sometimes our Workspaces evolve. They can get split up into 2 Workspaces or they may get renamed or changed in some other way. This causes us to have to move Conversations to a different Workspace and that is currently not an option. Right now we have to copy and paste the comments and that is not ideal. The Conversations should have the same "Move To" option as the Tasks.

Irwin Kwan 2 years ago

Hi Joe,

We've added the ability to move Conversations to different Workspaces in our latest update.

Please let us know how it is working for you, and thanks for being a Redbooth customer!



Export Conversation

chris 11 months ago in Feature Requests / Conversations 0

We need the ability to export conversations to an excel document.  Please include this as a functionality.  


Please add the YEAR to the comment date/time stamp

Shamar 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Conversations 0

It would be very helpful to have the YEAR added to the comments, so that when I search old posts I'll know which year they are from. Thanks!


Add a conversation List

Just like the tasks, it would be interesting to have a conversation list, because within the same workspace we can sub projects and currently the conversations are mixed. In these cases we currently open several tasks lists, but it would be ideal to have a conversation list.


Workspace name: Project 1

Within project 1, we have for example phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 (which would be the conversation list) and within these phases we will have conversations related to these.


Phase 1 (Conversation List)
- Conversation 1
- Conversation 2
- Conversation 3

Phase 2 (Conversation List)
- Conversation 1
- Conversation 2
- Conversation 3

Phase 3 (Conversation List)
- Conversation 1
- Conversation 2
- Conversation 3

Emails content in same language

JDBPocketware 4 months ago in Feature Requests / Conversations • updated 4 months ago 1

Even though language is set in preferences, emails content is always in English.

It is very important for external/new users engagement with Redbooth, to have emails delivered in their language (in other words, in the language the account owner sets as default). Else may not get the proper attention.

Please set localization on emails too.