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Create an option to integrate 'conversations only' to Slack

Manasi 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Conversations • updated by Ryan Crosbie 5 months ago 1

I want to follow only the conversations within all my Redbooth Workspaces on Slack and skip notifications for everything like added, modified, resolved tasks, etc.


Conversations Icon to show if conversations exist for the workspace

Notifications aside there is nothing to show when looking at a workspace that conversations exist. Perhaps have a number showing against the megaphone icon.


Option to Disable Conversation feature

Dylan 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Conversations 0

I work on an industry where all online conversations must be captured in a backup system to be reviewed regularly. Since we are unable to have Redbooth conversations captured in real-time (i.e, not from a backup), we are looking to have the Conversation feature diabled in our account.


Convert parts of a Conversation or Note to tasks

Since Tasks are often generated from Conversations and Notes, it'd be helpful to have the ability to create Tasks from any part of a Conversation or Note in addition the current ability to convert an entire Conversation to a Task. ...maybe even highlighting text within and creating a Task from that.


Add conversations to the main menu

seisei 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Conversations 0

I wish Conversations were one of the primary menu items because sometimes I can't remember which conversation happened in which workspace, and it would be great to just get a run-down of all the conversations you're a part of.


Convert an Email to Conversation or a Task Comment

craigw 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Conversations 0

Email is going to live forever but I wan to minimize my time in it. RB Outlook plug -in should be extended to enable a users to create a conversation. Key benefits are:

1) Adding / capture knowledge and content from in email thread into RB so it is searchable / findable for future reference

2) Abilityon-board and extend that conversation into Redbooth


Workspace conversations are a little useless

Sarah Hokuf 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Conversations • updated by anonymous 2 years ago 4

The Project managers mostly work from dashboard, replying to comments. But when someone writes a message in Workspace right-hand conversation bar, no one is notified UNLESS you are in that workspace.

anonymous 2 years ago

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the feedback. When using a workspace chat, the recipients of a message will only be those that are in the work space. You can use @all to send a notification to everyone in that workspace, even if they are not currently physically in it. Otherwise, this is currently working the way it was intended to.


Add capability to reorder CONVERSATIONS

Gary 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Conversations • updated by Gary Morgan 2 years ago 2

With many Conversations ongoing at one time, it would help to either be able to reorder them manually or to have them automatically reorder based on the date of the last comment.