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Gathering feedback

would like to be able to change the workspace main host. Basically the person that started the workspace

Kent 9 months ago • updated by Kassandra 9 months ago 6

Insert photos to task descriptions.

ekaltenmark 1 year ago • updated by Whitney Winter 1 year ago 1

Need to be able to insert photos in the task description.  For example, if you used Redbooth to track maintenance of different parts it would be nice to have a photo in the part description area for a quick reference versus just the text part number and description.



steven.hinks 2 years ago 0

I have a weekly conference call every Monday at 11am. Its easily missed when your a busy Engineer.

It would be great if I got a reminder 10 minutes beforehand


Customizable @ mention for groups

Louie 2 years ago 0

I wish there was an option to create a custom @ mention inside a workspace. Like if I want to @ mention a group in the workspace chat or conversations then I can say @adops blah blah, @hrteam blah blah.


Label cards with small color swatch or rectangle.

Pete 10 months ago • updated by Ryan Crosbie 3 months ago 2

Label cards with small color swatch or rectangle.  Allow users to select the color.  Allow to color by assignment or ever by subject or tag.

Ryan Crosbie 3 months ago

Hi all.  

We launched a feature that allows for color coding your tags today. Take a look in your Org Settings > Tags to see all of the features; read more about Advanced Tags in our blog post, or the details in our Help Center.

If you didn't see the invite yet, there is a customer-only Tag demo next Tuesday the 21st.  Register here.

Thanks for all of your contributions to make Redbooth better!



repeat tasks

Hannah HanseMerkur 1 year ago 0

When you have tasks that are supposed to repeat themselves you can only choose yearly oder monthly… It would be awesome if we could define it ourselves (e.g. every three months…).


Easily copy tasks or task lists into a task list template.

lisa.ochs 1 year ago • updated by Heather 1 year ago 1

A way to copy tasks or task lists...preferably more than 1 at a time from a workspace to a task list template


Timeline overview of all workspaces

esther 1 year ago 0