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NEED notifications for updated tasks

Yessie Mae 1 year ago • updated by Andrew Vink 1 year ago 1

especially now that it's hidden in a separate tab


create a "have read" "have seen" button for comments

Raja Daher 1 year ago 0

create a "have read" "have seen" button to be noticed someone as take care of a comment without having replied to it (which is time consumming to write "ok", "fine" for example


If a task is set to urgent, all subtasks should show as urgent also

Dylan 3 weeks ago 0

If I'm in charge of a task and it's assigned to me, and all subtasks are assigned to various people, they only see the subtasks on their dashboard, not the main task.  

If I set the main task to 'Urgent', all others' subtasks should show as Urgent as well


Ability to enter staff schedules so tasks cannot be scheduled during unavailable times

Heather 4 months ago 0

It would be great if we could enter staff work schedules and also planned out-of-office times so that when looking at the staff availability no work was assigned during that time.


Allow me to edit my tasks from Dashboard - since update Feb 2018 not working

Juliet Coates 5 months ago • updated by Ryan Crosbie 5 months ago 1

Since the Feb 2018 update I have been unable to edit my tasks via dashbard, I have to go into individual, used to work. Time consuming.

Gathering feedback

Receive notifications for selected tasks

Dylan 6 months ago • updated 6 months ago 4

Some members use Redbooth, but don't live on it like I do.  In this case, they may miss a task deadline if the program is not opened up.  Would be great if we can select tasks to receive an e-mail or app notification on the day an assignment is due


Create a pop up if the dead line is almost due

Rachid 10 months ago 0

assign user can mark a status like "Working on it" or "Stuck" with different colors

Moishy 11 months ago 0

Here is an exemple



Chris Ford 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 2

Really keen for a milestone feature to be added. Each project has a deadline and we need know when that is. It seems this would be a basic requirement in the gannt chart.

Aside from thats, its changed my life having this tool and I will look to grow in the organisation!