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The new phone app is TOO basic

sarah 11 months ago • updated by Roger 11 months ago 1

in need to be able to find a workspace and lookup things and add tasks. Or add comments on a task already there. 


Update task (owner, date,..) by an import

Adrian B. 11 months ago 0


What you think about the possibility to update the list of task by an import?

I found it easier sometimes to update task dates on excel and import them.

But found the delete process + update a bit painful.


Add an scheduled/automated backup for Redbooth.

Wolfgang 1 year ago 0

A Backup/Export which has to be started manually is not trustworthy. If it is extremely technical and doesnt backup everything (like conversations) then it is definitely no "Backup" which companys could trust. As files should reside on a different storage-system (where they are backed up), they can be excluded, but everything else in Redbooth should be backed up.


Remove the "Create task from subtask" button

Dylan 2 months ago 0

Can anyone think of an actual useful function for this button?

I can't think of a time this would ever be helpful, and it's very easy to accidentally click when assigning a person to the subtask.  Since there's no "undo" for it, we need to then delete that task and add the subtask back to the original.


Undo: Eye focus problem. Rainbows are distracting. You're losing users. It's getting worse.

designfactor 2 months ago • updated by Ryan Crosbie 2 months ago 3

Default to subtle, pre-redesign look. Allow customizing of all design colors, fonts and weights. Many have decided on this software because of the interface, as it wasn't hideous or distracting to look at, but easier to organize without everything screaming at once. These users may be lost soon.


Show motivator/bonus/reward for project milestone completion

nicole.littmann 2 months ago 0

It would be nice to have a way for all team members to see what they get at the end of each project milestone, either personally or as a team.


New feature Idea: Multiple Workspaces and or tasks that interact with dependencies

Kristyn Norris 2 months ago 0

Interactive tasks across multiple workspaces so that a task in one workspace would update in another workspace.

For example task A. is in Workspace 1 and its copied or linked to Workspace 2. If someone updates Task A in Workspace 1 it will update on Workspace 2.

Some of our workspaces are projects that are related for a government grants but are need to function separately at times and together so this feature would be helpful in have workspaces and/or tasks interact so that we don't have to update a task in multiple areas.