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Ability to view subtasks by expanding right in the main task list view. Having to always click into a task to view it wastes valuable time.

Lamp 11 months ago • updated by Ryan Crosbie 10 months ago 1

The best thing is to provide more insight into tasks faster and easier. The idea to allow expansion and viewing subtasks in the main task list view is to zoom into detail and zoom out to macro scale of the project easier and quicker. Management of the project is about a constant big picture workflow management and small tasks management at the same time. 


Assignable sub-tasks!

brent 11 months ago • updated by Ryan Crosbie 11 months ago 1

Being able to assign sub-tasks to individuals is key for this to continue to work for our organization.

Ryan Crosbie 11 months ago

Hi Brent, Redbooth offers assignable subtasks on our Business plan.  Have you taken a look at Business plan yet? Happy to show you around.  Just reach out to support@redbooth.com for more information.


Access to conversations

Martha Reeder 11 months ago 0

The fact the conversations are no longer accessible from iPhone or iPad renders this project management tool useless to me -- after 7 years of using it to very good ends.  No more.


Help and Howtos

automatedid 11 months ago 0

the Help center says what you can and can't do BUT the doesn't say HOW ie: rename a workspace


Copy text and paste as quotation with indentation

migo.media 11 months ago 0
  1. Copy button to copy the content of last or any message in the task and paste it into the reply text-field as quotation with indetnation (usign "> " symbol). 
  2. Paste any text as quotation being copied to clipboard before from any source (email etc).

This will improve replying to chosen parts of content.

--- Example ---

> hello John, how is your task going?

it's fine, tomorrow will be done

> can we have a converstion afterall?

sure, whenever you like

--- or even like this ---

>>> m1

>> a1

>>> m2

>> a2

> b1


----- end of example -----

Thanks for liking the idea!


Please add budget tracking.

Lori Reed 11 months ago 0

please add a project budget tracking feature.



courtney 12 months ago 0

Dear God, please change the font back to the way it was!  I have 20/15 vision and I'm still struggling to read it!


Get back deleted task

Kirstie 12 months ago 0

is there a function that would allow you to get back a deleted tas