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Assign Self + hotkey for that

Anton Derbenev 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

the of most common actions I do is assigning self to task before starting doing the work.

Until today, I had to make two clicks (fortunately, my name was near top of list, and I sympathize those, which names aren't).

Starting today, this is complicated process. It really distracts me from the work now, because I have to focus on *assigning myself to a task*.

I claim this should done similarly to Trello, where I just tap Space for self-assigning, but still can add arbitrary number of teammates to a card.


Allow me to resize the web page on a mobile device

CURLY 2 years ago in Mobile 0

I love the desktop website. It works great.

The website works fine on my ipad.

The app is great but I cannot add my time. that's fine, i can add my time through a browser.

EXCEPT, on any phone with an average size screen. The mobile website through any browser (safari, chrome, explorer) is virtually unusable. This is what it looks like,

in dash board view, i cannot scroll left to read my task list completely. although i can scroll up and down to find a particular task. If I turn my mobile to landscape view, it resized to the same window with the same problem.

when i select a workspace, it gets worse,

in this view, the tasklist is completely covered and i can't move the chat window or the timeline details pane. Switching to landscape view does help the view,

The problem in landscape view is that I cannot scroll down to see the task list! It's absolutely maddening as if someone ignores this basic problem because it's too much work.


Add a show or hide the Archived workspaces

My company has a couple of Redbooth Organizations.

I love how the title of each workspaces appears under the organization workspaces.

When I go to workspaces, to join an open workspace which I am not a member of, I see way too may open and archived workspaces (35 pages).

Please and a HIDE or SHOW for each section.

Hide/Show Open Workspaces you belong to

Hide/Show Archived Workspaces you belong to

Hide/Show Open Private Workspaces you don't belong to

Hide/Show Archived Private Workspaces you don't belong to

Hide/Show Open Public Workspaces you don't belong to

Hide/Show Archived Public Workspaces you don't belong to

Sort today's task list

contact 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Reporting 0

It would be really useful to be able to sort the Tasks for that day in the Reports -> Tasks by User section


Is there a way to create a meeting that can start without the creator being on?

vsteere 2 years ago in Feature Requests / HD Meetings • updated by Irwin Kwan 2 years ago 1

allow import from trello json

Greg 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

all is in the title. actual procedure is bad, see https://redbooth.com/help/import-from-trello/

priority: low

cost: high


Duplicate Templates

gmk 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Task List Templates 0

Be able to duplicate task list templates as well as task lists


Share workspaces between different "sister" companies

We have seral sister companies that all have their own marketing department. We'd like to have to option to share your workspaces with these other marketing departments, so we can show projects, collaborate on them and so on.

But this with the option that you let only members of a certain company create, edit, delete... and members of the other companies can e.g. see your complete workspaces and comment on a workspace, task or subtask. And then some workspaces can be shared completely, so that you can interact with eachother.

If this was possible, then this would be the ideal collaboration tool for us, to work together with different marketing departments from different sister companies in different countries...

Would it be possible to create this kind of possibilities in the future ?


Public link/ ID de tarea

Santiagodeitres 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

Existe la posibilidad de crear un public link para las tareas. Lo ideal seria crear un ID de identificación de cada task para tener una mejor trazabilidad de cada una de las tareas.


group workspaces

We offer services in 2 different disciplines. Due to that, it would be great if we could group our workspaces for each of those disciplines and more if required. For example, we are architects but also offer 3d CGI services. It would be great if we could group workspaces for the building design projects and a separate group for the 3d cgi projects. Likewise, we are using a workspace to follow up on leads so another group may be "leads" and so on.