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Convert an email into a task comment

Toni Serrano 2 years ago in Apps & Integrations 0

That would be great outlook plugin incorporate a button that would add an email as commentary task. For example, when a project working with outsiders who do not have access to corporate Redbooth, confirmations tasks in turn come to us via email. If that email could become a commentary task, you could have all the monitoring project in one place. Thank you very much.


2-way synchronization iCal - Redbooth

eva 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Calendar • updated by Lorenzo Vidali 1 year ago 2

Allow other people (not just task creator) to change privacy setting of a task

Sometimes a team member needs to attach a document to a task that shouldn't be seen by others (like a client), but only the task creator can change the privacy setting. Right now the only way to do this is for the person to create a new task. Super annoying.


Make received Emails distinguishable from comments

andreas.franz 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

Whenever I forward a email to a task in Redbooth, it shows up like a regular comment. Would be very nice to have them somehow marked as "Emails" so we can see that are received form a external source.


ConceptBoard integration

Redbooth mentions ConceptBoard in a blog post about great collaboration tools... Having now tried it, I agree, and would very much like to see it integrated with Redbooth!

It would be great to have full integration, where a new concept board could be started from within Redbooth, and existing/attached concept boards edited within Redbooth. However, it would probably be sufficient to have an integration similar to Evernote, where a concept board could be attached and then viewed within Redbooth (preferably with a link to the ConceptBoard site to edit).


UserEcho.com integration for simple helpdesk / hot link beetween customers / manager / developpers

Like I found in TeamWork and Teamwork Desk ;)


Integration with Join.me ?


Use of hyperlinks

Cheryl 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks • updated by Sarah Tanner 1 year ago 1

It would be very useful to me if you add functionality to allow live hyperlinks to be added to tasks or comments. Rather than attaching files to workspaces, I'd much prefer being able to embed a hyperlink to the place on our computer network where a file lives, or link to an external webpage that I'll need to visit to include the task. In the previous task management software that I used, this was possible and I used it frequently. As I'm deciding whether or not to purchase this system for my entire work group, it would be helpful to know whether this can be done. I do understand that I can copy a computer location and paste it into the comments, but that still requires the extra step for the person doing the task to cut and paste it back out into their browser. I live hyperlink would be much more efficient.

Sarah Tanner 1 year ago

Hi Cheryl,

We currently support use the use of markdown, which allows you to hyperlink text to a specific link. Check out our help center article outlining the formatting technique to create a hyperlink in Redbooth. You can also click the small letter `A` located at the top right corner of the comment field and description field to view the list of supported markdown options.

If you have any further issues or questions, please contact support (help@redbooth.com). Thanks for the feedback!


More straightforward, logical, and adaptable privacy settings


I'm hoping that files with limited viewing (e.g. organization vs externals) can have an icon in the file list. (I'm assuming that all files in the file list are viewable by everyone in the workspace, including externals.)

There's also something buggy going on with the files/file list:

  • Files attached to private conversations are still showing up in the file list.
  • Files attached to private tasks are sometimes showing up in the file list.
  • Files that are attached to private tasks, then deleted from the file list, still appears attached in the private task (which is fine, but it's confusing).

Privacy settings should be much, much more straightforward and adaptable!




Notification of Tasks

admin 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

I would like the ability to set options on individual tasks to receive notification via email. Per Tomas Klimberg, this is not currently supported.