Don't hide workspace menu items under the ••• dropdown when there is plenty of room in the icon bar

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Why are the Notes, About, and History links hidden under the •• dropdown menu on workspace pages when there is plenty of room in the bar to show them as icons? That is very inconvenient if you use one of those features on a regular basis.



This is now completed, although my update of this request is a bit overdue.

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Now I know why I didn't notice the Notes feature; it was removed from new accounts! The entire ••• dropdown menu was removed, actually.

redbooth support told me that "in order to simplify Redbooth and focus on its core value, a while ago we've made the tough decision to discontinue notes for new accounts."

We love the notes feature and use it extensively in our team to share project related information!

I was looking everywhere for the notes feature which is still listed on the mobile version. This is a space that we were very used to having in our last project management tool and it comes in handy.

Please put the notes button next to settings instead of inside of the menu dropdown. We plan to use notes for meeting agendas and we want to use the notes feature for it. This way the notes hold the agendas and the tasks are created where they need to be.

This is madness. Notes is literally our second most used feature. Makes no sense to hide the icon and even less to get rid of it.

We still have Notes, which I'm told is a "legacy only" feature at this point but we'd be massively screwed if our Notes disappeared.


Hi everyone,

We have completed one of these requests by bringing Notes back to the workspace navigation bar.

Soon we will relaunch 'History' and it will have its own link on the navigation bar. Finally the 'About' section under Settings will be the default Settings view.  So when you click on Settings, it will function as the About page and then you can click through to all additional settings from there.  

Thanks for all your feedback!



This is now completed, although my update of this request is a bit overdue.