APP: Push notification for selected task due in X amount of time

Dylan 9 months ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS • updated by Ryan Crosbie 3 months ago 4

It would be great for the app if you can select a task to send you a push notification that the task selected is due in however many days you choose (either in advance such as "Due in 5 days" or on that day "Due Today")

Hi Dylan, that's interesting.  Are you saying all tasks should send push notifications? Or that you would want to select specific task to send push notification?

Hi Ryan,

The way I envisioned could be one of two ways, and I can't decide which I'd prefer more.  

1. Users can select the tasks they want pushed to them.  Maybe this could be tasks tagged Urgent, or if RB can create a new characteristic just for this, get pushed 5 days before and on the day of.  

2. All tasks dur that day come up as a review in the morning

What do you think?


Hi Ryan,

Any update on this?


Hi Dylan.  No update yet, but we are working extensively on our mobile apps this quarter. I'll share this with the product lead to get on his radar.