When do you release a portuguese version of redbooth?

nlobomoreira 9 months ago in Feature Requests / -No Category- • updated by Ryan Crosbie 9 months ago 1

it's the language you're missing.

You even have it in german and french...

If you haven't noticed, its the 6th most spoken language, with a potential market of more than 200 million people, in front of the german, with just 75 million (11th) and the french with 75 million(16th).

And no... Portuguese native language speakers don't speak spanish... It's the same than saying an english understands and speaks german, because of their saxonic origin.

Hi! We know that Portuguese is an extremely important and popular language.  At the moment, we are more focused on developing features that benefits our customers and creating a Redbooth that people love. We supported Portuguese in the past, but we only kept the top 4 languages in the mean time to focus on the product.