Option in Settings to turn off automatic assignment of colors to workspace

roseanne 1 year ago in Feature Requests • updated by rperez 9 months ago 2

Give the user the option to turn off the automatic assignment of a personal workspace color.

I use the personal colors for very specific workspaces/reasons, and no color on all the rest.

My use of the color assignment function is independent of the "Favorites" feature.

Hi Roseanne,

Thanks for the note! We haven't heard this from any other users, but do understand it could be inconvenient.


I agree with Roseanne, I do not use a color for most of my workspaces, and was searching for a way to remove the color on a few new workspaces this week. I was disappointed to learn that it was impossible to have any new colorless workspaces. I am surprised that something with such a large impact on the visual experience would not be the user's choice!