Let the customer decide whats on the dashboard.

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Why not open for customizable dashboard. Let us choose what we want to see in the opening page :-)

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YES! I would love to be able to control what buttons are at the top of each workspace. For instance, Notes is something we use all the time (second to tasks) but it's one of the functions that is hidden under a drop down. I wold love the option to put the buttons at the top in the order that I use them most.

Agreed. Wrike has an incredibly powerful dashboard that could serve as inspiration. It would be great to allow us to build exactly the dashboard "modules" we wanted to see. For instance, If I wanted a list that showed all tasks with the tag #in-review, I could build that module and name it "projects in review" and put it on my dashboard. Or I could have one that showed all the projects due today for my employee "John Doe" and I could name that module "John Doe - Work Due Today". This type of flexibility would significantly improve at-a-glance workflow and give a whole new value to tags and filters.

This is exactly the same I requested in a separate notification. It would help me to manage projects effectively, to be able to customize my own dashboard. I would imagine starting a day with having a glance at a dashboard showing day tasks of my entire team. Seeing all that is overdue or one of the graphs from reports.

I would like to be able to choose the modules shown on the dashboard myself so I can display what is most relevant to me as a manager.