I've just been tasked with managing the scheduling and capacity for projects with Redbooth and I can't see how it can be done effectively with this feature - the vast majority of our projects are 2-3 years with considerable overlap.  I can also be notified of projects over a year in advance- in this situation I will need to wait until the software catches up with me!

Agreed. A major Timeline deficiency for anyone trying to manage projects longer than a year ahead, which I would think is a lot of people. Please let us know if Redbooth is considering making this fix.

I can't see my end due date at the moment, which is set to August 2019, but I also have project running into 2020. Please make the view ahead "endless". Also, "zooming out" into years / quarters would be a great improvement (together view the timeline of timelines overhead view you are developing on).

I am new to Redbooth. I am a consultant that is looking for project management software for a client that has both task and project management. I thought Redbooth was a great possibility, but at this time, I have to look elsewhere. The task portion is strong, but having the project portion capped at a year is not acceptable. My client, a medical device start up has to plan the development and regulatory process and then implement it. The project will span over a year. Dependancies are essential, but they can only be defined in the timeline view which is capped at one year. I guess I need to look further until this is fixed.