Choose file location for files attached in tasks/comments

Gabriel Gareso 5 months ago in Feature Requests / Attachments • updated 5 months ago 2

Hi, the way files attached to tasks/comments are thrown into the root folder just makes all the file managing escalate into a mess pretty quickly, and also greatly reduces the usability of this feature (I doubt anyone would go moving file by file after they are added). I guess the solution is quite simple: just give the option to choose the folder where the file should go to before you attach it in the comments section.


Cool idea...just voted for this.


;) thanks! It seems so obvious to me that this option should be there... The main purpose of the whole application is to organize stuff (tasks, conversations, projects). It hurts deep down my soul when you see something that is supposed to stay organized just turning into a mess because a simple option is missing (it's not even a new feature, just a simple option. everything needed is already there...)