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Please add Slack-like functionality to Conversations (reply in line to a comment, ability to like a comment, etc.!)

Rachel F 6 months ago in Feature Requests / Conversations • updated by ChrisK 4 weeks ago 5

It would be great to have Slack-like functionality in the Workspace Conversations area, where our team could reply to specific comment threads, or indicate an emoji response, etc. Any chance you're working on this?

Hi Rachel,

As an early Slack user I can tell you that threading was highly anticipated, and now that we have it we rarely use it.  So we won't be adding that to Conversations.  But we do agree a like or emoji response would be helpful.

It's likely you'll see this in Tasks before you see it in Conversations, but please know we are considering it.


We use Slack a lot and I also agree, Ryan, that the threading is rarely used. However, I do not think it's because it is not a needed or desired feature but more because it's a little clunky to use in Slack. I'd love to see something like that incorporated into Redbooth though, admittedly, it is not one of my highest priority feature enhancements.

Gathering feedback

Hi Heather.  Thanks for the input. 

I agree that threading is not fine-tuned like the rest of the Slack product.  When you say 'see something link that incorporated into Redbooth', are you saying that you would want this in Conversations, Task comments, or elsewhere?



Hey Ryan.

I'd like to see this in Task comments as well as in replies to Conversations. I think higher priority would be to try it out in Tasks first. But, again, definitely pales in comparison for my desire for the ability to have a task estimate (not using hashtags) and then track time against that estimate and have the tracked time push into a time tracking system or QuickBooks :)

Building on this suggestion = Under a task, in the comments section, it would be nice to have a “like” button - just to show you’ve read a comment. Or maybe a few selections (like the options in FB or Apple’s iChat). Right now, it feels like I have to make a comment to each comment to let the team know I’ve read it