Calendar task reminder

Ben BMC 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Calendar • updated by Dalin Hays 2 years ago 1

The calendar date picker should have a reminder option for each task if not actioned by the date.

The reason is, once a task is closed from the dashboard and sent away, it is relied on the assigned person to attend to. If that person fails to action the task and it is closed, I find it very hard to keep track and the jobs get lost and unhappy clients.

Maybe we can have a 'notifications' with alerts or something to this degree like CRM's have?

This would be very useful.

I think the idea behind redbooth though might be that it is so simple that you CAN expect your team to keep it up to date and consistently engage it. There doesn't seem to be many project management apps with such fluid chat

But maybe I'm just saying that because its only 20% as full as it will be next month.