Undo: Eye focus problem. Rainbows are distracting. You're losing users. It's getting worse.

designfactor 10 months ago • updated by Ryan Crosbie 9 months ago 3

Default to subtle, pre-redesign look. Allow customizing of all design colors, fonts and weights. Many have decided on this software because of the interface, as it wasn't hideous or distracting to look at, but easier to organize without everything screaming at once. These users may be lost soon.

Hello.  Appreciate the feedback. Is there a particular page or view that you don't like?

Sorry to sound so negative. The overall intensity of colors would be greatly reduced, and changed, if I had access to customizations for my account. Across the board. With exception to the logo. It should stand out without competition.


We are still in the middle of our workspace redesign, and many more features will be coming soon.  If there's a particular screen or part of the app you'd like to share with us, our team is happy to take a look at your feedback.