task status updates visible above the fold

Yehuda 9 months ago in Feature Requests / Dashboard • updated 9 months ago 7

when i want to go through my updates i need to scroll down each task to see whats happening in it because you wasted all the space that is visible on the screen with task management buttons please condense that area so when i click on a task the last few status updates are visible without my needing to scroll

Hi Yehuda,

Do you mean when a new comment is made, attachment is added, or a subtask is changed?

There are many reasons a notification appears in the Updates section, and they are not always below the fold.  This is especially true for Conversations. Also, if your task has a long description or many subtasks,  new comments are MUCH further down below the fold. 

Thanks for clarifying.


the design is made in such a way that when you click on a task on the dashboard the status updates (below the write a comment box) are all below the fold because all the space on top of the box is wasted with a lot of unnecessary padding 

Oh, interesting.  Can I ask why you navigate from the My Task notification to the 'All Activity' list in a task?

i'm not sure what you are asking i am looking at my tasks on dashboard and when i click on a task i want to immediately see the last things that happened without having to scroll

Hi Yehuda,

The example you show above is from the Updates tab, not My Tasks.  That's what I wanted to clarify...

The example you show above is from the Updates tab, not My Tasks.  My question is: when you click on a task in Updates, why would you want to go to All Activity? The Update already shares the activity update for you?

Why here? 

oh i see, the same problem applies to the my tasks tab

this is more like what it should be