"Send to Top" and "Send to Bottom" of Task List

Mark M 9 months ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists 0

I use Redbooth for personal life and Atlassian's Jira for work. One tool I found very useful in the latter is the ability to right-click a task in a task list (what Jira calls a column) and a contextual menu appears. Specifically, they have options in the menu for easily moving a task to the top or bottom of the current task list.

Since Redbooth doesn't currently have a right-click contextual menu for tasks, I'd suggest putting the task-specific actions into an ellipses menu (similar to the one that is on the task list). Without an ellipses menu, the kanban card would start to get crowded, since you already have buttons for user assignment and setting the date. Here is a mockup of what I mean:

In Redbooth, when I add a new task to a task list, it automatically goes to the top. It would be nice to easily send it to the bottom. Today I have to click-drag to the bottom and it's time consuming, especially with longer lists.

For reference, here is what Jira's contextual menu looks like. We use the "Send to" all the time during agile backlog grooming ceremonies.

Specific Asks ("DoD"):

  • Add "Send to Top" and "Send to Bottom" functionality as available actions for a task in a task list
  • Put these actions as well as already-released actions (Assign, Set Date) in an ellipses menu to prevent crowding.