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Daniel Hurd 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Reporting • updated by Maja Foster 1 year ago 8

I would like to be able to compile a report based on Tags, and specifically resolved Tasks that have certain Tags.

For instance, our content writers have the goal of X (let's say 50) unique content pieces per month. However, along the way to completing one content piece, several other tasks are created and resolved. So, if I look at a report and see that they completed 23 tasks in the content Workspace, in reality they may have only written 18 pieces of content (and there were 5 tasks needed for our graphic designer or pricing analyst or...).

But, if I could build a report based on the Tag "Published" or some such Tag, then I could search for the following in my report:

1. Resolved tasks

2. With Tag "Published"

3. By user or users

This would show me an accurate picture of how many content pieces are actually going live on our website. Let me know if I can clarify anything, and thanks!

Hey Daniel, have you tried using the Reports > Tasks by User functionality?

I use it a lot for that use case. It allows you to filter by Tag/Workspace and user.

Thanks for the suggestion! I just tried it out, but it doesn't seem to work very well. For instance, I tried looking up the tag "Published" on a specific user (knowing that there are at least a couple of Active and dozens more Resolved tasks by this specific user).

But, there's only one Active task with the "Published" tag and only one Resolved task. However, if I manually search for the Published tag, I see different results for this specific user. For example, the one resolved task when searching by user happened on April 8th. However, when I manually searched the "Published" tag, there is a resolved task by this same user on April 6th. So, not all of this user's information is showing up in the Reports > Tasks by User.

If it was then this wouldn't be as big of a deal. However, even if this worked as it seems it should, what I am asking for here is a tag-centered solution. I would like to see ALL tasks that are tagged with "Published", Active and Resolved. And then I'd like to be able to sort by user.

Again, thanks for the suggestion, and it would be a good start if it actually produced all search results.

Running a report to pull by #/Hashtags would be very helpful in identifying similar Tasks. I also submitted a feature request that #Hashtag functionality be added to Files. We would like to run a report, or search on, Files that we tag as "deliverables". These requests are related: http://feedback.redbooth.com/topics/316-be-able-to-tag-files-with-hashtags-and-enable-search-functionality-on-it/

Reports by tags would be great but I think first we need it introduce wider variety of tags. Both could be developed in parallel...?


Glad you agree! And can you explain a little more what you mean by "wider variety of tags"? Thanks for your comments!

HI Daniel,

I would like to see tags like:




In progress



On hold

or simple red, orange and green tags to indicated urgency

or even level of importance as High, Normal, Low.

Anything like that. I just would like to see more than just urgent. I have different level of project urgency and importance and would like to be able to identify these easily and quickly.

Having this selection I would like to then be able to view all task by the tag - so tag based report I suppose.

What do you think?