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Sort tasks within each workspace into alphabetical order.

andreakoochin 6 months ago in Feature Requests / Tasks • updated by RobertH 5 months ago 5

It would be really helpful if tasks could be sorted within each workspace into alphabetical order. That way your CRM workspace would have more functionality.

Gathering feedback

Hi Andrea, I also like this idea! We can add to the roadmap soon.  Wondering if anyone else will vote on it... ?


Can this be an option rather than a must have?  I would like this in some workspaces, but not others

Hi Dylan, 

That is the idea, I believe.  It would be a sort option, like these: 

  • Default
  • Due Date
  • Assignee
  • Alpha A-Z

Great idea to have options for sorting - alphabetical, due dates, priorities, numerical

Hi Ryan, Great idea, you just need to add Alpha A-Z to the list and Alpha Z-A as well.