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Remove signatures on email-answers to tasks

Ayko 6 months ago in Feature Requests / Tasks • updated 6 months ago 5

I would like to have solution for the following topic.

1. Some people of our team using the email notification and answer by email function.

2. The answer will be attached as comment as it should, but the signature from the email (including images and all the typcial text, like disclaimer, address, phone numbers and so on) is added as well.

3. Further issue: If there is an answer to an answer, it will also be attached sometimes.

Sometimes there is an one line reply with 25 lines of signatures and also the pictures are uploaded again and again.

Detection during import the signatures below the two hyphens (like the usenet standard RFC 3676) and ignore everything below this hyphens.

Gathering feedback

Hi Ayko,

Are you still having this issue?  We made an update to the email reply format this week, and it should prevent the issue you are discussing.

Also, if that person is replying at the top of the email, it will parse all of the content below out of the response.  They cannot reply 'in-line' to the email without including all of the content you are seeing. 


Hello Ryan,

it removes the previous message, but not the signature.
See screenshot.



Thanks Ayko.  Can you help me understand more about what email provider you are using, and if you are using a Redbooth app like the Gmail or Outlook plugin? 

Hi Ryan,

my personal usage is via web and android-app. But my teammembers are more email-oriented users and use MS outlook for fast comments.
(Provider is 1and1 for emails)

I use it sometimes with my gmail-account, if it's just a line to answer.

best regards,