Mute button to prevent flooding team with unnecessary RB notifications

Meredith 3 months ago in Feature Requests 0

I'd like to add in a request for RB to create a "Mute" feature, where a person can have others tagged in a task, but temporarily mute notifications so that for that period of time, notifications are not sent out about that task. For example, I am the project manager at my company, and often while I am setting up complex tasks, all of the persons in subtasks are getting notifications as I am working and building out the various subtasks. People often complain about the shear number of notifications that they're getting, and I've had to start warning people when I'm about to make updates to tasks so that they don't feel overwhelmed. I know that people should be able to remove themselves from getting task notifications, but permanently removing them from notifications isn't the goal. A mute button would allow me to keep them all as persons receiving notifications when the actual work begins on the project, but avoid flooding them with unnecessary updates. That's my request, thanks!