Client Creation and Client association with workspaces, projects, task lists, tasks and subtasks

Carlos Rebolledo Aguirre 2 months ago in Feature Requests 0

We consider necessary and convenient that there is the possibility of creating Clients, in such terms that with respect to the created client can be organized, create and associate workspaces, projects, task lists, tasks and subtasks.

The above would be even better if it includes access to Clients and with the mere fact of accessing them, we can go to the workspaces, projects, task lists, tasks and subtasks (worth the redundancy).

Today we must organize Projects with acronyms or names of Clients, but when you have many projects per client, accessing them becomes a search whose result is a list that opens and closes. Grouping and associating Projects to clients and vice versa with clean, direct and simple access is absolutely necessary.

Wrike and Asana allow to create folders and subfolders that allow to give shape to the proposed idea, but I think that Redbooth, with its interface and features, by adding the suggested would give a leap of quality and sales of all relevant.

A hug from Chile