Announcement: Redbooth forum will be closed

Tony Hue 4 weeks ago • updated 4 weeks ago 4

Dear forum members,

We will be retiring the forum by the end of this year. As a result of declining usage, it no longer made sense to continue maintaining the forum in the future. Discussions will continue to remain open until Monday, December 3, 2018 so that users have time to archive any discussion topics they’d like to keep. Afterwards, the forum will be transitioned to read-only mode and registration will be disabled.

We still want to hear your feedback of course! While the forum will be going away, we encourage you to now submit ideas and suggestions through our Help Center. Just click on “Submit a request” at the top navigation, fill out the form, and submit. While we read every feedback that you share, we can't always respond to every request.

During these last 3 years, you’ve contributed valuable feedback to our team and helped paved the way to various Redbooth features including assignable sub-tasks, priority levels, and most recently, timeline overview. While this was a difficult decision for us, we sincerely appreciate your support and the thoughtful discussions we’ve had together. Thank you for contributing to the forum.

What a pity!!! Hopefully it is not a sign of Redbooth's problems.

Are you going to publish a roadmap and changes? It would be the most expected.

Hi Carlos, Thank you for your comment. I'm sad to see it go too! We're not going away of course, and you'll still be able to share your feedback directly with our team through our Help Center.

At this time, we don't have any plans to publish a public roadmap. I'll be sure to pass along that idea to the team though for their consideration.

What led to the decision to close this down?  Too many ideas and not enough manpower?  Too much noise and not enough good ideas?

Hi Dylan, thanks for your question. Over time, we were simply seeing declining usage of this forum as a channel for customer feedback. Most customers share feedback directly with our team through our contact form in our Help Center so it just made more sense to prioritize our efforts in that area.