We want a group chat! So we can stop using Skype too.

Sarah Hokuf 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Chat • updated by DGaian 2 years ago 8

We go back and forth. We don't want every conversation to tie to one project. Thanks.

Cool idea! Do y'all use Slack? That integrates with Redbooth. Our company uses Glip for group chat and we're hoping for integration at some point.

I did a test with Slack and I am now testing the Hipchat (cheaper than Slack). I am still undecided as well. Did not know this GLIP, I will search.

I not found interesting the integration of Slack with Redbooth. My team maintains open Redbooth all day. Notifications that appear on Slack are looking landscape, is meaningless. My opinion, okay ?!

Hi Sarah, Daniel and Ivo.

This is Pau the CTO at Redbooth.

I was a little bit surprised to find this feature request since we already have a group chat! https://redbooth.com/help/group-chat-in-your-workspaces

Is there anything else you find missing on our offering or you just were not aware of this feature?

Looking forward for your answers and thanks for the feedback :)


Hi Pau,

Thanks for responding! So, I am aware of the chat that Redbooth has, but it's missing the functionality of Slack or Glip. We're currently using Glip to chat together as a team and teams.

Essentially, what we do is create or update a redbooth task after we've discussed it in Glip. Say there's a Dev issue. We'll post the link from Redbooth (if one exists) to Glip and then discuss within the Dev channel. then, we end up posting either a brief update to redbooth or a longer summary if necessary.

We might consider using Redbooth chat if the notifications worked like Slack or Glip. However, it would be more beneficial to have further integration with Slack/Glip.


You don't really have a group chat because no on is notified when you post a comment in the Workspace group chat. No one is ever in the same workspace at the same time. So we don't get a "ping" that someone wants to chat. So it's useless to us.

Sarah, did you know that you could notify people in the chat by mentioning them with their username (like @jon) or @all for everyone who's part of the workspace?

We really appreciate the feedback. It helps us understand how you're using Redbooth.


Pau and Jon, I think the reason people are asking for this feature, which does already exist, is because there is no link on the main menu to "Chat". I've found the lack of that menu button especially strange since that same button does exist on the iPad app. You can even get to the same view on the desktop/web app by opening a direct message to someone, click the gear icon in the header of that message box, then select "View Full Screen".

That's the chat feature people are looking for and I think it deserves to be on the main menu!

Hey @Pau, @Jon , please go and watch the intro videos for both slack and glip to see why until RBooth chat gets THAT COOL, 1000's of us, even most devoted multi-year users (coming up on 5 now for us) will keep begging and tweaking for 3rd party integrations. You have much further to go with RBooth chat, but like the work currently underway with GANTT (and we pray some day with some on-board CRM functionalities) it will be so awesome when we dont have to pay money to other solutions.