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Have the ability to create groups of members to be able to quickly add an entire group to your workspace instead of having to click each individual. Clicking each individual member can get tedius and be open for errors in missing a member.

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Hi Martina, first thx for response, let me explain the idea/feature request


Assign a task to a person and additional to which of the persons role

In new organisations models (like Holacracy) a person fill several clear defined roles

e.g. Martina is SW developer, Requirement Engineer and 3rd level customer support

If I assign a task to Martina I would like to add the information to which of her roles


Task: Clarify what the hell the guy wants

Assigned to: Martina As: Requirement Engineer

So I can filter and look for tasks assigned to a role.

The roles shall be manually maintained in the persons profile (in a 1st step)

Additional info 1 (or a step2 for the idea): more and more organization models work with roles. The organization model and therefore the role<> person assignment is maintained in a tool, like Glassfrog. Therefore it would be great if the role<> person assignment comes from the tool.

Additional info 2 (or another idea): Glassfrog also supports a decision process which creates tasks/projects and show the status. But the maintenance of the tasks in Glassfrog is poor, so it would be great if there is a integration of a good task management tool. The people who do Glassfrog have seen this and started integrating/interfacing the first task management tool, unfortunately asana.

In general I want to show you that there is a lot of potential for redbooth with supporting/integrating/interfacing new organization models and their tools