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Wesley Bishop 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tags • updated by Ryan Crosbie 3 months ago 6 1 duplicate

We like to use TAGs but would benefit from a repository of TAGs kept for our users account. E.g., when the # is created, a drop down allows the users to choose/share TAGs already created or they create a new one. TAG management in Settings could allow this feature to be turned on or off, deletions, standard TAG uploads to populate the system for account users.

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That would be great!

Gathering feedback

Hi Wesley,

We are taking a look at Tags now.  I agree with a few of your points, but want to clarify on roles. Would a shared view or 'library' be accessible to everyone, or just admins? Of course tags could be used by all members, but we think there may be a restriction on who could manage and delete tags.

Thank you,


Hi Ryan,

yes, to avoid human mistakes to use any tag (the current situation in Redbooth), there should be possibility to "lock" the tags for each workspace by admin. But as each Redbooth customer has different needs, maybe good idea to have in Settings possibility to enable/disable option, if all members can create Tags or just admins can do this. 


Hi Marty,

Thanks for the comments here.  We believe there should be some level of restriction to create and manage tags in a tag library.  This would likely be at the org level, not the workspace level, however.  

Do you think tags should be different for each workspace?  That's not a use we see much of, but perhaps is worth considering.  (It's also much more work to develop).


Hi Ryan,

probably tags on org level are okay too! Important is to have some predefined tags and possibility to choose them. Not enter them manually like now. Also possibility to choose color of the tag will be appreciated. Thanks!


Hi everyone,
Thanks for your feedback here.  We agree this is important and are working on it in conjunction with priority, severity, and custom task statuses.  We should have something for you early in the new year.
Thanks again,