Add cost function next to the spent time function

Helmut Dworschak 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Time Tracking • updated by Hannah Smith 2 years ago 2

We want to track the cost for our projects

In each task, you can add the time spent with some notes and it is very easy to handle.

Another factor is to track the money spend on a project.

You have to pay vendors for tooling, samples, travel expense and other cost.

It would be great, if we can add the cost in the same area like we do the time spent and add it to the download report.

I knew there is a function/connection with “Harvest app” and other available, but cost a lot of money and it is an additional webpage.

yes, that would be a great feature to use.

Agree with this also! Whilst the tracking of internal time is an essential item. For me, I would say the same about budget functionality, i.e. actual vs. proposed costs. Allocation of costs against tasks etc. This could be utilised then to pull reports on spend per project.

I would suggest without this prospective customers are going to competitors who offer this service.