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filter by more than one tag plus a list of tags

Vintage Worx 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Reporting • updated by M. Brooks 2 years ago 3

Could really do with the ability to filter by more than one tag. This would enable a multitude of uses from #office, #finance, #receipts to a more complex search for #office, #30m, #energy3, #P1 just as examples. Having a list of tags either in a dropdown or across the top of the workspace page would not only be useful but also enable multiple choice of tags to be selected

Having only urgent tag is quite limiting. Possibility to add task would be very helpful in task and time management for entire team


user-definable task categories also.
.when: 00-MIT, 0-Daily, 1-Now, 2-Next
.where: @Work, @Home, @Trip

.who: ^Smith, ^Jones, ^Hatfield, ^McCoy

"What are my open tasks at work?"
"What are my open tasks at work that I can work on Next?"
"When did I complete that task for Jones?"