Dependency Tweaks

Joshua Moxon 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks • updated by Andrej 1 year ago 4 1 duplicate

Hey All,

So excited to see Gantt charts come back and to have dependencies for tasks! Great job!

I have a couple of requests that I think would make these awesome features even better.

1. Let the user choose the task relationship when promoting a subtask to a full task

Currently when I promote a subtask it gets listed in the "parent" task as a "Related" task. When I then go and give it a dependency in the Gantt chart view it gets listed as a parent or child in the dependency section. Problem, I now have two sections for the same task in the parent task. This makes for quite a bit of clutter and makes for a lot of extra steps. i.e. create subtask, promote subtask, close out tasks, go to gantt chart, find parent task, find child task, create link. I would love to just be able to promote a subtask and say "this is a dependency". Ideally you would have three options that you could select:

  1. this is a child task - define the dependency relationship, most often it would be a child task
  2. this is a parent task - define the dependency relationship
  3. this is a related task - define the dependency relationship, in this case, there is no dependency

2. Let us assign a relationship between two tasks right from the task view

I would envision a button that allows you to search for a task and to say whether it was a parent, child, or related task. Essentially allowing us to create and control relationships between tasks. Currently we have very little control.

3. Let us assign a relationship between two tasks right from the task list

Replicating the functionality of the Gantt chart right in the task list view would make workflow much easier. You don't necessarily have to show the relationship visually, just allow it to be created with a couple of clicks like in the Gantt view.

4. Changing the details of a task should not break the relationship between two tasks.

For some odd reason, when I change a task's due date that has a dependency set, it destroys the dependency relationship. That is really frustrating as it takes a fair amount of time to setup dependencies currently and then if anything changes it break the whole setup.

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One other request / tweak.

Dependencies really need to be able to be assigned across workspaces

We have a good number of tasks that are dependent upon some sort of development functionality which is tracked in a completely different workspace than the marketing task.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work.


Agreed. Without this type of functionality, the whole dependency thing is pretty much useless. Who goes around setting up dependencies which will only be broken the next time a date changes? There should be standard dependencies like FF, FS, etc.

Yes, I need flexible dependencies. It's the one thing holding me and my organization back from switching from Asana

This basically solves the biggest problem that I had with Redbooth / Teambox for a years. Since it allows me to create the hierarchy of tasks. I have bazillion tasks and I need to organize them .. something like .. Category > Big Milestone > Small Milestone > tasks .. while having all the features the task provides while be able to set time ranges and see everything visualized on the timeline.