Announcing Timeline view with Gantt charts

Irwin Kwan 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Timeline • updated by edwin 1 year ago 4

Hi everyone,

For the past few months we've been hard at work here at Redbooth building beautiful Gantt charts for you, our users. I'm delighted to share with you that Timeline view is now live!

As the product lead, I'm excited to enable you to start planning and tracking your projects visually with task start dates, dependencies, and Gantt charts.

You can read more about these great new features in my blog post here: Redbooth’s Timeline View: Gantt Charts Made Incredibly Easy

Let us know how you are enjoying these new features, and how we can continue to improve Redbooth for you. Thank you again for being a Redbooth customer!

Thank you, Irwin! We're enjoying getting the hang of Gantt charts here and looking forward to more updates down the road. Really appreciate you all making these changes/updates after responding to our feedback. The more this happens the less we want to go to another platform and the easier it is to have the rest of our team use Redbooth. Thanks!


Hi Irwin, please provide this new/updated feature for free users or give us single user billing plan. I would pay for it right now. I was using gantt charts on my free plan before you removed it and it really helped my productivity, I have started using another tool yesterday just for a gantt charts but I would jump back to redbooth instantly if I could use gantt charts in redbooth. I am your user since TeamBox and I believe there are many more users like me I guess they just don't write on these forums .. (for obvious reasons). But I am willing to pay for a single user plan just for my personal use. Please add gantt charts for everybody it's very good tool to time-plan anything for anybody. Thank you.

I support Andrej in her request, I don't know about any free plan, maybe because we joined later, but for example in our non-profit organisation we have the paid plan and on some projects we invite external users but now they can't see the timeline view which is a pity, I think they would be easier be convinced of using Redbooth (and eventually subscribing it for their organisation / administration / company) if they would see more functionalities.

Hello, this is a great addition, Thank you redbooth. Im also wondering if anyone else would find this useful. please consider and vote if you think it would help, cetrtianly would for us.! http://ow.ly/owVo306fxjA