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Organize Workspaces into Folders

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Our company has hundreds of customers, each who have many concurrent projects. We currently create a workspace for every project. It would be great if we could put all of those workspaces into a folder (the customer) for further organization.

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We have the same issue. Would love for Redbooth to give us this option. Has anyone found a good solution to this issue outside of Redbooth making this change?


Same as above! It would be most useful.


This would be wonderful.


Please!! We have many projects and the list is growing.

Would it help to create a workspace for each customer, then, create a task list for each project?


Barbara, a client may have mutiple offerings and those offerings have several separate task lists so I have to have mutiple workspaces for each client which is not ideal. If I was able to display subtasks under the tasks in the task list then that would be great but right now you have to click the task to view the subtask.

Gathering feedback

Hello to everyone on this feature request.  We have a question for you.... 

Is workspace folders enough organization to solve this request?  Are you also experiencing the same things for users, externals, files, etc? We are hoping to expand the scope of this project to solve more than 'workspace folders', which is likely the symptom of a bigger problem accounts with lots of workspaces.




La creación de carpetas es esencial para nosotros, porque cada cliente tiene varios proyectos, lo cual exige un orden para una mejor organización.

Más aún, además de la posibilidad de crear una Carpeta, ésta debiese permitir la creación de subcarpetas.

Y los proyectos deberían generarse dentro de las Carpetas y Subcarpetas.

Desde ya gracias

It would be enough for what I need


The issue for us stems from using Redbooth to manage all operational tasks, some of which are customer "projects" and others are internal process that are ongoing.  These are managed by different department al managers.   Having the ability for a manager to focus on just their projects and not have to wade through a long list of workspaces to find them would aid efficiency.


Folders would work for us – to group workspaces into categories that reflect various departments/divisions or program locations.  

I am also looking to use this to work with my management team, so degrees of confidentiality are important, but I could group workspaces around management team individuals and create workspaces in a team member's grouping for whoever is the 'lead' on a 'project'. The ability to limit views strictly to those invited is of concern.

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Nuestra empresa, que se dedica principalmente a realizar asesorías y ver asuntos legales y judiciales, ha comenzado a trabajar en base al sistema de Kanban Board, pero resulta que tenemos Clientes permanentes con varios proyectos y/o asuntos a la vez.

Si bien podemos crear espacios de trabajo por cada Proyecto y/o asunto del Cliente, se nos genera una dispersión en el sentido que la búsqueda del Espacios de Trabajo en la barra de espacios de trabajo (valga la redundancia), no es de lo mejor ni agradable. 

La única solución parche que estamos dando es agregar a cada espacio de trabajo el nombre del Cliente, pero igualmente no se resuelve realmente el problema. 

La mejor solución, a nuestro juicio, es la posibilidad es que permitan la creación de Organizaciones y que ellas estén visibles en la barra superior, con sus Espacios de Trabajo en ellas.  

Wrike soluciona esta problemática teniendo la opción de crear carpetas y carpetas dentro de ellas y proyectos en forma escalonada y ordenada. 

Por favor tengan presente lo solicitado. 

Desde ya gracias

Our company, which is mainly dedicated to consulting and legal and judicial matters, has started working based on the Kanban Board system, but it turns out that we have permanent clients with several projects and / or issues at the same time.

Although we can create workspaces for each Project and / or subject of the Client, a dispersion is generated in the sense that the search of the Work Spaces in the bar workspaces (worth the redundancy), is not the best nor nice.

The only patch solution we are giving is to add the name of the Client to each workspace, but the problem is not really solved either.

The best solution, in our opinion, is the possibility that they allow the creation of Organizations and that they are visible in the upper bar, with their Work Spaces in them.

Wrike solves this problem by having the option to create folders and folders within them and projects in a staggered and orderly manner.

Please keep in mind what was requested.

Thanks in advance

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