Workspace setting to automatically assign all new tasks (to specific workspace) to one person

andrew 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Workspaces/Projects • updated by David Little 1 year ago 1 1 duplicate

I have a workspace for web maintenance that we forward emails into. I'd like for all new tasks to automatically be assigned to my web maintenance team member in this specific workspace. I'd also see this helpful for my sales team. Any task forwarded into the sales workspace would be assign to my salesperson, who would then be notified and could follow up.

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I agree, but I would like the ability to differentiate assign/notify. For example, in one of our workspaces we have an external member who is the supervisor over the show that our workspace is designed for. She doesn't need to participate, but all of the updates that we make need to go to her so that she is kept informed. For all of our other workspaces our own supervisor is supposed to be notified of every task.

The ability to, in the individual workspace settings, set default notifications and/or default task assignment would streamline a lot of things and could really do a lot to keep the appropriate people informed of the changes to their workspaces.