Allow offline access via desktop app

Seisei Tatebe-Goddu 3 years ago in Feature Requests / Desktop Applications • updated by Labelle in 3 weeks ago 4

I would have expected offline access to be available via the desktop app. I can't tell if it is or if it's just not "supported" via tech support.


This is not currently available in the desktop application yet. Can you tell me a bit more about when you would use Redbooth while offline?



Our team often works in places where we don't have wifi or cell access: in developing countries, on the subway, at trade shows where the conference hall venue has deliberately limited wifi. It would be great if the desktop and mobile versions had an offline sync available.



This feature would also be useful for our company. We are a small consultancy that work out of the office on projects and don't always have internet access. Being able to create new, or update existing workspaces & tasks, that would then synchronise when we connect online would help us to be productive during these times we are offline.

I notice there has been no activity on this question for 1o months - has there been any progress?



Hi, we would also like to have that feature implemented. It is useful to show the project management plan to some client or potential partner while on the go. Even if not interactive, it would be very useful to be able at least to see the current workspace. Thank you.