Freelancer / Single user billing plan.

Andrej 3 years ago in General Feedback • updated by David Estes 3 weeks ago 0

I am using Redbooth from the times it was TeamBox and I use it to organize my freelancing tasks and my personal dev. project tasks. I love this tool but it's totally not worth it to spend 300$ just to have a gantt charts which I am missing so hard. I totally understand that you don't want companies to be running on the free plan but there is also a lot of small teams even smaller than 5 people that would like to use your great tool. Make a freelancer billing plan and I will buy it for sure. I need more projects more workspaces and timeline feature. I would pay up to 100$ for it right now. Now I am forced to use another gantt chart tool, disconnected from my tasks (which is actually free plan too).