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We'd like to be able to download a PDF of the timeline view for printing and sending to clients.

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This would be great. Been asking for it forever but never seem to get the up votes. Hope this makes it.

Yes please - great for management reviews


Yes please! Also needed to have it in the office as a general reminder, and to work more easily on the planning with customers and team.

Should be clean, clear, with all the task names shown properly. Can use large piece of paper.

Currently I need to use another tool just for that purpose, doubling the work (and making it difficult to ma,age !)


This would be a huge improvement in the Redbooth platform for our organization, as well. One of the deliverables we provide our clients with at the outset is a Gantt (timeline) view of the project. With the curretn feature our options are to download the CSV/Excel version and manually create the Gantt view as part of that deliverable.


I add my voice to this request. PDF should not only be of the current screen view, but also the entire work space view @ 100%

Gathering feedback

Hello everyone! 

Moving this to the gathering feedback stage.  Could one, or a few, of you elaborate on items that you would save in a Timeline View pdf, or specific use cases for sharing?  And why is it that you aren't using the print to pdf function? 

For example:

I want: A pdf version of one Task List, plus options: Weeks, Don't show resolved tasks.


I want: A public URL thats shows all Task Lists, plus options: Months, show resolved tasks.

(We know many people are asking for "view all workspaces in timeline view".  That's a different topic)

Thank you!



Hi Ryan,

The options for printing that would be helpful would be the ability to customize a PDF or CSV that captures the information across tasks in a Gantt view would be helpful. It would be great to have the ability to do the following in print: 

  • Select the task lists to include
  • Select whether to show resolved only, unresolved only or all tasks
  • Create a one page view (landscape)

Alternately, if downloading as a CSV if there were a way to have the CSV look more like a Gantt when downloaded. I'm not a developer, so I have no idea if it's even feasible, but dreaming big here :)

A little on how our team uses Redbooth: at the outset of a client project, we define the major stages of an engagement with task lists and add the associated tasks in each list (along with dates, details, etc.). I'd like the ability to print that early view for our clients out the outset of the project. In our current workflow, I'm creating the Gantt in Excel and also adding the detail in Redbooth, so it's a redundant effort when outlining the phases and tasks of our projects.  

Attached is a PNG view of the PDF print out of one of our biggest projects, as an example. I'm only able to print one page using the "Export - Print" option in Redbooth. This project has 7 task lists with a minimum of 4 tasks per list. 

Thanks for taking our feedback into account!


I like the idea of Erin F. : "if downloading as a CSV if there were a way to have the CSV look more like a Gantt when downloaded." 

This way I could send it to clients to comment/modify and/or print the section I need as a PDF. 

It would make my life so much easier :)

+1 I'd love to have this feature.
I just bought pro plan after having seen that we could create timeline and export it... but now I discover PDF isn't among the features... :(

Hi all,

We are planning improvements to the Timeline View early this year, including sharing features for PDF and URL.  We'll update you as this progresses. 

@pierre-andre: Sorry that it's not part of the Pro plan, and you upgraded to find out that it's not there.