Allow Team Notifications (Team Creation)

Cori F. 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Users • updated by andrea.orvik 10 months ago 4

Instead of tagging everyone individually, allow team buckets to be created and notifications sent to all teammates when the team is tagged in a comment. Example: @seo-team (5 preset teammates)

A few reasons why this would be helpful:

- Easier Task Creation: Tag the team in the task description and everyone is added to the task

- People are not accidentally left out of tasks or comments

- Not all tasks need to be followed by the entire team for the duration of the task, but sometimes we request team input within comments

I second this.

The more people we add to the organization, the more difficult it becomes to make sure all the people that need to be notified, do. Having teams would solve this problem!


This is also good for different departments, so if Product and Marketing depts are working on a project, the managers of those departments can filter by 'Marketing' for example and only see tasks that their team members are assigned to.

I agree - I was using @all assuming it would just notify the people on that task (say 5 of us), but our whole project (15) was getting notified about things that didn't directly affect them. If there was an @group or @task without having to type in the 5 people's names (while keeping @all for all group notifications), that would be great.