Auto Follow all new tasks and conversations should apply to newly created workspaces too

Heather 2 years ago in Feature Requests • updated by Ryan Crosbie 3 months ago 6

Auto-follow all new elements to receive updates for all new tasks, conversations and notes I would expect that even for new workspaces that are created that I should automatically be auto following those. However, I routinely have to go in and check for new workspaces and set myself to auto follow.

This is becoming a bit of a challenge for me as there are other admins on my team who setup workspaces. As the PM, I need to be alerted to all tasks/conversations that are created but if it requires me to manually edit my profile settings each time, then there is a chance tasks have been created before I know the workspace was setup. 

We also tell clients to use the "Use via Email" option but that does not tag anyone in the task or conversation and it's imperative I am defaulted to following everything for all workspaces without having to manually select the option for each newly created workspace.

Gathering feedback

Hi Heather,

We should be able to solve this one for you.

I will have someone on our support team reach out to you.  There are some customization settings we can do in the backend without turning this into a feature, and it should still satisfy your request.



That's awesome -- thank you so much, Ryan!




Two of my colleagues have confirmed that this feature is not working as expected for them. As a managing director and project manager they both need to keep an eye on the whole workflow, so they expect auto-follow all new elements to work for literally everything new. -- Including new workspaces.

They too must go into their profile and enable auto-follow for newly created workspaces.

Hi Adam,

I'll take a look at the progress here. I know we addressed it recently.


Adam, we can enable this for specific users.  Want to send me their Redbooth email addresses?