Task on HOLD

Kelly Parr 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks • updated by Joshua Moxon 1 year ago 3

Additional task scheduling options would be helpful, such as placing a task we don't want to forget about on HOLD.

Hi Kelly, I like that idea! Redbooth used to offer a "Hold" status on tasks. Check out this Feature Request suggestion, as it seems to cover what you're asking for here and a little extra: https://feedback.redbooth.com/topic/1119609-task-dependencies/ .

Yep on hold function would be useful

This fits right in with https://feedback.redbooth.com/topics/436-allow-to-assign-priorityseverity-level-for-tasks-and-be-able-to-sort-it/ RB used to have some of these functions and it would be nice to bring them back. Another status for a task that we would like to see is "declined" or "rejected".