Customer / Client Permissions in Redbooth

TheMattyMiller 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Workspaces/Projects • updated by Matthew Miller 7 months ago 8

I really want to be able to bring my customers and clients into Redbooth. But, I can't. The reason is... I can't set permissions for External Users, or Participants. They see too much information and get access to the entire enchilada in my workspace. Private info and all. Now, I know what you are going to say... just set the conversations you don't want them to see as PRIVATE. ... well, my response to that is no way! What a pain. I would rather not set dozens of tasks to private and have special invitations to clients and team members. It should have an option for permissions. Take a look at other PM softwares that have this built in. Teamwork for example does a great job at this. I won't leave Redbooth... but i need this option.


TOTALLY agree!

We need something like "Allow this User to View/Access this Task List ONLY"

Agreed! We need an option like "this user can only see tasks assigned to them or to which they are added".

Allowing an external contractor to see every single detail of every open and complete task simply does not make sense, and is limiting our ability to bring more people and projects onto the Redbooth platform.

Also agree that retrospectively setting dozens of tasks to private is a cumbersome and unworkable solution (eg, you'd need to manually add new internal team members to every task etc).


Totally agree.


Agree 100%. That would even make sense for org-internal users. Sometimes you just don't want a user to see all the details of a workspace. Then you have to create new workspaces just to be able to handle user permissions - ending up with dozens of workspaces.


I would find it very useful - more for internal users. I agree that the functionality should be enabled.


Totally agree with this! We'd love to be able to utilize Redbooth for Internal Review before an external user could see it and would love to have the option to set a task/comment thread to private or not visible for an external user. Thanks!


We are investing more of our process in Redbooth and this is the biggest hold up for us. We are trying to find some ways to have internal review/conversation without the client seeing that communication. Having a feature like this would help us out big time and help us from having to live in two worlds.

The only work around we have found is to make a task or convo 'private' and invite the people to inside the 'secret task' .... if its a private convo. BUt... that is not good enough. We really need to be able to set permissions so that external users can or can not see our comments ... etc.