CRITICAL - PLEASE ENABLE Timeline (Color-Line) for the WHOLE Project (SEE Screenshots)

nen 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Timeline • updated 2 years ago 1

I mean this:

a. When we enter Start+End dates in Task Lists or Workspaces, nothing happens in the Timeline (?!) ... until we enter Dates inside each individual Task.

This is counter-productive and a time-waster:

b. Ideally, we should have a CLEAR Timeline (color line) in the Gantt View once we have entered the Start + End Date for the Project/Workspace/Task List, BEFORE CREATING TASK DATES, just like this:

This will allow us to PLAN on the go and have a better VISUAL feel of the actual Timeline for our Project, BEFORE we even start deciding on Task Dates :)

PS: if you can add/implement these few lines of code (as Breeze.pm tool does), me and my Team will be here forever ;)

Thanks in advance

A Progress-bar in the Task View would be awesome...