Add Users to multiple Workspaces at once.

katharo 3 years ago in Feature Requests / Users • updated by Adam Reece 6 months ago 7

Add ability to add a User to multiple (or all) Workspaces at once, possibly from User Settings screen, rather than adding individually to each Workspace.

This is important.

We have around 30 active workspaces at any given time, and probably around 60+ archived ones, as we make a new workspace for each client project.

When a new employee starts with us either me or our boss needs to spend the next 10-15 minutes tediously adding the new employee to all of our workspaces.

Hey Adam,

When a user join your Org, they can join multiple workspaces at once.  Have you tried to prompt a new user to select from the list when they onboard?



We've never seen that appear typically because we add new employees to the organisation from the management side, rather than letting the new employee register themselves. (We know the email address will be one on our own domain name so we just make it.)

If we make the user but then don't assign any workspaces, would the user then get the prompt to join many workspaces at once on their first login? Or do they have to register themselves then be invited to the organisation?


Hey Adam,

If you invite a Participant from within a workspace, they will not see the prompt.  If you go Manage Organization > Members > Add Members.  They will be prompted with something that looks like the screen below.  

Give it a try and let me know this works for you when you add your next Participant.


Hi Ryan,

Sorry, but that modal you showed is not sufficient. I added a new colleague today, and it only prompted him to join 2 workspaces out of the approximate 30 we have. There was no option to extend the list or "show more".

This really needs to be easily done from a manager's side.

Hi Adam,

Are the privacy settings for those other 28 workspaces ‘open’ or ‘invite only’?


Hi Ryan,

All of our workspaces are (supposed to be) invite only, as they contain private information only our colleagues should see. The two workspaces that appeared for the most recent colleague after logging in for the first time were mistakenly left as open.