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Not having Desktop application notifications for chat, e.g. notification indicator on Redbooth in the application tray, makes chat usable. You receive no notifications until you go in app which defeats the purpose of having chat


I 100% agree with this. We need desktop pop-up notifications and sound like slack. This is the one feature that is hindering my team from using Redbooth at all. Redbooth has literally everything we are looking for but this option. The desktop pop-up notification and sound are essential for my team. We did also notice when we are within Redbooth you do hear a sound but have no idea what it is for. There is no notification. Once this gets solved my whole team is ready to jump on board. Please keep me in the loop for when this is complete.


Redbooth has all the bells and whistles we are seeking with the exception of the pop-up and sound notifications. We are in if you can make this happen within the next 30 days.

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Having a desktop application that gives you pop up notification is very important for keeping up to date on what is going on with the chat. Without it, you might be missing out on what is going on in the convo. This will force me to have to check back on redbooth website every 5mins to make sure that I am not missing anything important, which is bad for workflow.


Not only for chat but also for updates within projects, changes to the calendar/deadlines, etc. Anything that is relevant to the team is important enough to be notified about. For example: If I am working in another program - Photoshop for example - and I'm waiting for a teammate to upload a file for our given project, I won't know if/when then have uploaded the file unless I constantly re-open Redbooth to check the status. What if a teammate adds/changes an important deadline date - but I'm currently working elsewhere? A simple desktop notification to alert me of this change would solve a lot of problems - and help avoid potential disasters.


Totally on board for this! We love all the features of Redbooth but its missing one essential feature, desktop notifications. Its vital for our team to get notified when anything changes or a task gets updated. Without desktop notifications we can not commit to using Redbooth. We are constantly multi-tasking everyday and having a pop of notification keeps me up to date on everything, I would rather not have to check back every hour or so to see if anything has changed.

Looking forward to moving into Redbooth, and agree that the desktop notifications is essential. Thanks.

The desktop notification is critical for our business. We are not all located in one office so the ability to receive notifications throughout the day is imperative. We're very interested in building a relationship with Redbooth but need to have a confidence level in this feature.