Adding tasks and phases flow should be forward and not backwards.

Pedro Gomes Design 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists • updated by gbb000 1 year ago 2

When adding task they should be added in order.

If I'm building a task list that has a specific flow the new task I add should be added after the previous. As of now, when I add a new task, it adds it over the previous one which then makes me reverse the order always.

Same happens when adding task lists.

We usually build tasks lists with an operational flow from left to the right.

When I building tasks list, I start from the beginning to the end which should mean - adding task lists should flow from left to right.

It does not.

When I add a new task list it adds to the left end and I always have to move it all the way to the right.

Hope I'm clear on representing this challenge we have.

Is this flow customizable? It would speed up a lot faster our work flow!



I agree it would be more logical


Similarly, when I ask a task it should flow to the bottom of my list instead of the top. Tasks are generally added from first to last